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Spring Making

Our residents enjoyed making these Spring inspired hoop wreaths with these beautiful orchids we had donated.
Happy Spring Everyone!


Covid Vaccine Clinic


Greetings from the Regency Grand!

We had an overall eventful Christmas celebration! Our Life Enrichment Coordinator, Melodie, dressed up as Santa and delivered gifts to all of our residents at the Regency Grand! Everyone was so thrilled with tears of joy and laughter!


Celebrating birthdays

Making every birthday a year to remember!


Veteran’s Day

This year was a little different, but another memorable successful one. We had the privilege of celebrating Veterans day with a virtual ceremony, followed by a Drive By Parade, hosted by our local firefighters, police officers, families and volunteers!


Fall Painting Competition

We called out all of our talented painters to sign up for a Fall Painting Competition. This year theme was.. “There’s always something to be thankful for.” We had all our staff and residents participate to pick out which one they liked best!

Congrats to our top three winners!
1st Place “My Cat”: Eli Antinel
2nd Place “Spring Flowers Bring May Flowers”: Bonnie Lisnek
3rd Place “The Window”: Marion Alsop


Cute Crafts

We created some cute crafts to give out to our wonderful volunteers that have always been dropping off care packages and sweet letters