Dear Sir,

My name is Bob P. My Mother Mozelle P. is a resident at the Regency Grand in West Covina. My Mother has been a resident there for over six years. She has always been treated with loving and exceptional care over the entire time she has been there. From Nicolle, the Director, and all of the staff they are wonderful.

I especially want to call out Debbie Galaviz, Health Services Director, who has been so helpful and accommodating with my Mother who has had several health and medical issues over her time there including very recently. Debbie has had a great sense of urgency and genuine concern in assisting with issues that have come up even though I’m sure she is busy with other issues as well.

I wanted to pass this on to you because I and my Mother are appreciative for the care and comfort that has been shown her.

Thank you for your time.


Bob P.

Bob P., Son of Resident