At Regency Grand, we understand wellness means more than just taking a daily walk. We believe in the interaction between mind, body and spirit supported by the 7 Dimensions of Wellness. This holistic belief of mental and physical health ensures our residents enjoy a thriving life of enhancement and joy. Within the Regency Grand at West Covina community, we not only embrace this wellness model, but are also dedicated to fulfilling each of the 7 Dimensions. 


Physical wellness is crucial to living independently. It includes physical activity, mindful nutrition, stress management and regular medical checkups while simultaneously avoiding destructive habits. Regency Grand’s Health Services Department is dedicated to safeguarding individuals’ health, security and potential by offering on-call support for all essential medical needs. 


A mind that continues to learn, grow and develop is a healthy one. It’s why intellectual wellness thrives on regular participation in creative and intellectual activities. Pursuits such as art, crafts, billiards, time in the courtyard, discussions with friends and reading keep the mind alert, interested and focused. Regency Grand’s Memory Care Training Program draws on individual interests and abilities to introduce engaging activities that support and improve mental wellness. Residents are also encouraged to engage in new activities tailored to their functioning level. This keeps their intellectual health robust and resilient.


Emotional wellness is an individual’s ability to be aware of and direct his or her feelings to create a life balance. Coping with challenges and behaving with respect to others are signs of emotional health. At Regency Grand, we understand that transitions in life can be difficult and require an adjustment period. To support our residents as they adapt, we offer emotional support through reminiscing, sharing personal histories and socially connecting residents to other members in our community.


Enjoying a meaningful and purposeful life is vital to maintaining feelings of well being and connections to those around us. Regency Grand at West Covina’s Activity Director and Life Enrichment Coordinator ensure residents can continue their spiritual journey in ways that best enhance their life and holistic health. Whether through individual or group faith-based activities, focused exercise, enjoying nature or partaking in personal meditation and reflection, our community’s residents can find the support and guidance they need to sustain their spiritual wellness.


Continued social interaction with family, friends and peers supports an individual’s overall health in ways that few methods can. We understand that importance at Regency Grand. That’s why we help residents build community relationships through social activities that promote a sense of friendship, camaraderie and belonging. 

If a resident enjoyed regular participation with a social or civic organization such as Kiwanis, Lions, V.F.W. or Rotary before coming to Regency Grand at West Covina, they are supported and encouraged to continue those connections and relationships.


Older adults are irreplaceable to society as they contribute their wisdom and talents as mentors, teachers, seasoned professionals and volunteers. Residents at Regency Grand know they’re using their hard-won abilities to give back to themselves and society. By sharing their life experience with our staff, Regency Grand at West Covina residents are mentoring younger generations and training future healthcare professionals. Nursing students from nearby colleges and schools receive training at Regency Grand. 


Active living that includes the outdoors and stimulating inside environments is a central building block of a fulfilling life. Scheduled outings throughout the region bring a sense of peace and balance to our residents’ lives.

At Regency Grand, every path is unique. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality individualized care to support and enhance self-empowerment, personal growth and holistic wellness. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with you and your loved ones on this remarkable journey.